McDermott Pool Cues

MCDERMOTT CUE MANUFACTURING INC. Maker of pool cues from 1975 to present in Menomonee Falls Wisconsin, a suburb of Milwaukee . McDermott has become one of the most recognized and respected names in the billiard world. It all started when Jim McDermott was repairing cues in the mid-1960s at home in the Milwaukee area. Jim would regularly travel to all of the local bars and pool rooms, picking up and delivering the cues he repaired. It was in 1966 that Jim met master cuemaker Rollie Welch and worked with him for several years.

The first official line of McDermott cues was introduced in 1975, all ten of which featured the now-famous McDermott interchangeable weight bolt system that has appeared on almost all McDermott cues produced since then. Although many collectors and players refer to these as the A-line due to the later alphabetical progression, they were actually called the M/R Line at the time. These cues all featured the McDermott flat faced, wood-to-wood joint, and had color coordinated bumpers.

One year later, in 1976, the B-Line was introduced. The line consisted of the original ten M/R cues with some minor changes, plus six new cues, all of which had black bumpers. The six new cues were the first McDermott cues with points.

In 1980, McDermott Pool Cues introduced the C-Line that was made up of 21 all new cues. In this collection was the C-1, the only two-piece hustler cue that McDermott ever made and, today, examples are being sought by collectors. All of the C-Line cues are desirable today, especially the more intricate examples. The C-21 is arguably the most sought after standard production cue McDermott ever made.


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