Breathing is One of the Most Important Things in Billiards Pool

One of the most important things to remember or focus on in pool is breathing, most people that have played in organized sports will tell you breathing comes from the diaphragm and should be something you should be focusing on while working out or delivering a sports motion, and doing it on a pool table is no different. Watching people play billiards for year I have found the most common bad habit is  holding your breath before and during a stroked shot. When you hold your breath during a shot your body will automatically tighten up and you will feel tense, and in most cases you will rush your shot.

A good basic way to overcome this is when you bend over the pool table to line up your cue ball on the shot is to take a couple of line up practice stroke by pumping your cue stick behind the cue ball and make sure you are breathing while you are doing it and just before you take your real shot inhale when you being your stick back and exhale as you shoot the cue ball. Also if you are about to shoot the cue ball and something doesn’t feel right its always a great idea to get up from the shot take a couple of deep breath then continue this way you reset your body and mind. This secret technique will help you with harder shots, or shots that are more pressure sensitive such as an 8 ball ending shot.

The point of breathing in billiards pool is the relaxation of your body and muscles, a tense body will give you a tense shot and will in turn give you failed shooting results. Plus if you get into a bind on any shot, taking a deep breath and relaxing before you walk up to the table will give you more options to your present mind state. Think about a very tense person who gets into a situation and panics there is no thought process going through their brains except how the messed up or what kind of trouble they are in. Always remember by breathing and focusing on your breathing will relax your mind and body and give you the opportunity to have the perfect clarity to any pool shot.


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