Billiards Pool Cue Shaft Size and Fittings

Most average to expert level pool players are picky about their shaft size, especially the Diameter and Circumference. Most standard pool cue sticks are about 13mm from the tip down but then you can get a 12 millimeter and even and slim as 11.75mm which does not seem like a lot of size difference but if you have a regular cue that you shoot with and switch over it is definitely a huge handling difference.

The theory between the different sizes really are meant for the tips of the cue stick. A 13mm tip will obviously have a lot more surface and is great for professional and starting players or the average player who does not use a lot of trick shots or over use of English, versus a 12mm tip some people believe that since its a smaller surface area on the stick that your draw stroke, or your top strokes allow more precision shooting most avid pool players call this “English”.

I believe that the real difference between the 2 size shafts is the extra weight of the complete cue stick, so if you have a bigger pool cue shaft your stick will be a lot more front heavy like a corvette sports car versus a smaller tips shaft most of the weight will be in the back much like a Lamborghini. Either way this really depends on personal preference because the only other way to compensate for either one is to get a Custom pool cue stick where the complete stick is perfectly balanced from the middle out.

The major difference between the different types of tip size is that action, the smaller the tip, the more cation you will get out of your cue ball movement or “English” but with every great advantage there is usually a disadvantage, and with a smaller tip you will have to be a lot more accurate. Versus a larger tip you get a little less action out of a cue ball but it requires a a lot less cue ball strike and stroke precision.

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