Artscape Billiards Pool Table Felt

Artscape Billiards Pool Felt Cloth is perfect for any game room and offers a variety of artistic design to enhance your pool shooting fun as well as give your billiards table the center piece art it deserves. The art that Artscape offer is a kaleidoscope of color and design that will coordinate with any interior.

This make pool tables a lot more exciting, and will increase table revenue for coin-op table or Billiards pool halls. Each Decor design is a high definition digital image on a premium SpillGuard protected cloth that covers the bed and the rails. this mean that the pool cloth felt will last a life time assuming it is treated right with care. Pool tables with Artscape felt will become the center of attention. get your pool table cloth now and enjoy these fantastic designs. These pool table cloths come in 7 foot, 8 foot, and 9 foot table sizes.


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