3D2 Pool Cues

A completely different animal from regular cue sticks, 3D2 cue sticks have all the functionality of a good solid cue stick but at the bottom each one has a 3D pewter art form on the bottom encased in a clear poly glass that allows a great art piece in each cue.  These are the most eye catching pool cues in the market today. Some of the 3D2 cues art include Dolphins, Cobras, Dragons, Hearts, roses, and even a cool looking wizard. Hand Painted pewter figures with amazing details inside of a solid plastic casing. The performance is awesome, made from Grade “A” North American Hard Rock Maple, Triangle tips, and a premium Maple butt to insure the straightness of grain, covered in a high gloss UV finish to protect your complete cue stick. Each one offers extreme control for every shot taken in 3D2 style.

Get these cues before they go fast, each one is limited edition.

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