3D Second Generation Billiards Pool Cue Sticks are different!

3D2 Pool cue sticks are different from anything else in the Billiards and pool market today. These new cues have an insane pewter painted model incased in pure acrylic plastic and are different than any other cue on the market. Truth be told the original 3D cue sticks were built for looks but were destroyed in played. But the company that produces the Hampton Billiards have perfected the cue and are now called 3D2 pool cues. The original cue would warp and fall apart which would make consumers extremely unhappy. But the new 3D2 pool cues are constructed for looks and playability.

Hampton Ridge has now made a pool cues that is gorgeous to look at and with all the ability of a really playing pool cue. Each one has a hand painted pewter item incase in a pure acrylic plastic pool cue butt. And incredible reliable hit and sweet spot for extreme pool shot control. High impact XTR ferrules for maximum feel with  a premium maple timber butt to insure straight gran and reliability. Cover in a UV gloss finish for higher protection against the weather elements and an Irish linen wrap for grip and stroke control.


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